Picto-Archaeological Element

Fábrica da Criatividade, Castelo Branco –  Portugal, 2020).
Galvanized iron, polystyrene, reinforced concrete, acrylic sheet, paint and LED lighting.
243 x 82 x 82 cm

The language of this work derives from the Pictographic Elements series, started in 2018. Always site-specific, always robust and composite, these pieces are proposed to integrate part of the historical and architectural narrative of the sites, presenting a vision of time, though without specific Time to them.

Almost as an artefact of a possible future, this temporary sculpture for public space, is an architectural reference respectful for the past and can be seen as a possible archaeological fragment of a mechanical piece of the now Fábrica da Criatividade [Factory of Creativity] and its mutations.

Being a result of an artistic residency, it is an open-ended work of art. Demonstrating its experimental nature as an objective part of the construction process. It is also linked to the process of alteration over time, of the building in which it is integrated and for which it was conceived, “exposed” to public-private confrontation.

This sculptural work, with a light-weighted, large scale structure, uses lights (LED) and color to emphasize its shape and volume.

[It was conceived and built during an artistic residency under SINGULAR – Cycle of Pluridisciplinary Artistic Creation, October 19 to 24, 2020 (Org. Terceira Pessoa, Castelo Branco – Portugal)]